Avaya Released Two New ACIS and ACSS Certifications for Avaya Mobility Networking Solutions

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  • April 20, 2017
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Avaya is a multi-billion-dollar corporation with customers around the world.

IT professionals may know Avaya for its networking and unified communications products, but the company is also an important player in both customer relationship management (CRM) integration and team engagement solutions.

If the company wants to remain a significant player on the world stage and deploy its products, it should have highly knowledgeable and skilled individuals in its team. But where can the company find such skilled individuals? Right, it is necessary to teach them!

The Avaya Professional Credential Program emerged from the need for such highly qualified specialists who could sell and design solutions for customers, as well as develop and support Avaya products and solutions.

On March 16, 2017, Avaya launched two new Certifications:

  1. Avaya Certified Integration Specialist – Avaya Mobility Networking Solutions (ACIS -7591)
  2. Avaya Certified Solution Specialist – Avaya Mobility Networking Solutions (ACSS -7691)

Avaya Certified Integration Specialist (ACIS-7591)

The ACIS certifications recognize an individual’s ability to install and implement Avaya products.

The candidate can use knowledge and skills to:

  • Install the product hardware and software.
  • Test, validate, and troubleshoot the implementation.
  • Configure the product for hand-off to Day 2 administration.

The Avaya Certified Integration Specialist certification requires at least two years of experience with relevant technologies but one of those years must obligatory include hands-on work with some specific Avaya product.

Candidates who want to get ACIS -7591 certification, should pass Avaya Mobility Networking Solutions Integration Exam (#7591X)

Avaya Certified Solution Specialist (ACSS-7691)

The ACSS certifications get into acceptance testing, product commissioning and registration, troubleshooting integration between products, and log analysis.

This credential certifies that the candidate has an advanced level of technical proficiency necessary to deliver installation, configuration, administration, maintenance and troubleshooting support for Avaya products.

Avaya Certified Solution Specialist certifications are a minimum four years of experience with two years in direct support of some particular Avaya product.

The candidate can apply knowledge and skills to:

  • Demonstrate product architecture knowledge (components, features and functions).
  • Install the product hardware and software.
  • Test, validate, and troubleshoot the implementation.
  • Configure the product for hand-off to Day 2 administration.
  • Administer, maintain, and troubleshoot intermediate to advanced configurations.
  • Interpret and resolve customer technical issues related to the products and components.

Avaya Mobility Networking Solutions Troubleshooting and Maintenance Exam (#7691X) is the right way to get ACSS -7691certification.

NOTE: The Avaya Proctored exams listed above are targeted to release by the middle of April 2017.

Main ACIS and ACSS Credential:

  1. The Certification is available to everyone.
  2. The Certification is valid for 2 years.
  3. The Certification uses proctored exams delivered via Pearson VUE Testing Centers.

Don’t lose your chance to become a highly knowledgeable and skilled specialist with Avaya! ExamCollection will help you to achieve it!

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